Lycée Condorcet, Saint Quentin, France

Condorcet high school offers general and vocational studies. Students are aged between 15 and 21 years old. Most of them come from disadvantaged social backgrounds. Our students don’t easily leave the region or even their hometown, their knowledge of our local and regional heritage is also quite limited.

The school is situated in a town which is affected by unemployment and the economic crisis. It is located an hour and a half away from Paris, Lille and Beauvais’ low-cost airport.

 One of the priorities of the school is the international relationships: there’s a lot of exchanges in the high school (Poland, Denmark, Slovenian, Spain) and in the vocational school and the school welcomes each year teachers from European schools: Germany, Spain, Portugal. Though all these projects we want to open our students’ mind and make them aware of the importance of learning foreign languages. A teacher is in charge of the international relationships of the school and organises several exchanges since several years, so is very used to do it. 

The school has received a label : REVE (Network of schools with European vocation) which recognizes the European policy of our school. With this label, the school will be in charge of orgnanizing international and European related activities for secondary schools (11 to 14 years old) of the area.