IES Licenciado Francisco Cascales, Murcia, Spain

 Our school is situated in the historical centre of the city. We have got around 900 students aged from 13 to 16 (compulsory education) and 16 to 18 (upper secondary education). Most of them come from other schools to this latter stage of secondary education. We are specialized in preparing them for access to any of the three universities in the region. Since the beginning of Comenius projects, in 1996, we have a clear international focus because we have been organizing exchanges with Norway, Holland, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece and France. We have got four bilingual groups (English-Spanish) and a special commitment to foreign languages.

  We have a privileged position concerning the most important sights and attractions in the city. The
    potential of our environment is very noticeable.
• Our teachers and students are used to show and highlight our surroundings to guests during
• Most of our students are studying Art. Every year they take a field trip to Italy where they asked to
   be guide to each other in several artistic visits.
• Our students are aware of the importance of tourism as a key resource in our city and in our
• Our school is Honor Member of the Royal Society of Murcia, an association especially involved in
   promoting the history and traditions of the city of Murcia.
• The building where our school is located is part of the national heritage monuments of the city. It
   dates back to the XVIIIth century. It was the third secondary school created in Spain and the first
   one in the whole region of Murcia.

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