Gimnazija Ptuj, Ptuj, Slovenia

 Gimnazija Ptuj is a state high school offering secondary school programme called »Gimnazija« preparing students for further education at the university level. The school has a very long tradition since it was established as early as in 1869. In 2001 Gimnazija Ptuj moved into a new, modern building which was designed by the established Slovenian architect, Janko Zadravec. The school, which is located in the centre of Ptuj, is attended not only by students from our town, but also by the young coming from the outskirts and nearby villages. 

There are approximately 700 students attending four grades, thus making a total of 25 classes. Gimnazija Ptuj promotes hard work, creativity and tolerance. Students are able to choose from a variety of extra-curricular activities, such as English theatre, art club, choir, astronomy, reading club, they can engage themselves in volunteer work and community service. Moreover, we encourage students to gain new knowledge and experience by participating in numerous national (UNESCO, national student exchanges) and international projects (ENO – environment-on-line, ACES – Academy of European Schools, Comenius, AEC – Asian-European Classroom). Besides projects we organise professional excursions to a variety of countries (Germany, Norway, Montenegro, Italy, France, Singapore, India…). Throughout the school year we prepare camps and our students take active part in many competitions in different academic areas.

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