Ecolea Internationale Schule Rostock, Rostock, Germany

Ecolea Internationale Schule is a grammar school specializing in languages and music. We are a full-time day school teaching pupils from the age of 10 (5th form ) to 18 (final examination: Abitur). Pupils are taught in languages such as English, Latin, Spanish, French and Swedish, natural and social sciences, sports and music. The natural sciences, History and PE classes are partly taught bilingually. 

The school is situated near the Baltic Sea in a seaside resort called Warnemünde.  Warnemünde is an independent district of Rostock. Pupils from the surrounding municipalities such as Elmenhorst, Lichtenhagen, Diedrichshagen and parts of Rostock attend the school. Since we are a private school, parents have to pay school fees. Socially deprived families are supported.

 We closely work together with local sports clubs and organizations to enable the children identification with the area.  So we have got sailing lessons integrated in PE classes, in the afternoon we offer several sport activities such as learning to play tennis or an instrument. Likewise we have close contact to the parish and a local youth club called “Kutter zur See” in Warnemünde.

The school provides in his curriculum pupils with many useful subjects, like languages, science- biology, physics,  natural and social sciences, information technology, art (like music), mathematics, etc. The school uses permanently innovative teaching, apply curriculum in practical situations and cooperate with local businesses. Students permanently learn new technologies, improve and practise their communication, presentation, artistic and writing skills in different languages on a variety of topics. This is done by  experienced teachers. The key persons involved have, because we are a bilingual school strong language skills and are very experienced in international exchanges, just like the coordinator involved.

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