Collegio Vescovile Barbarigo, Padova, Italy

Collegio Vescovile Barbarigo is a secondary school hosting students from age 11 to age 19.

 The school lies in the city centre and is attended by both students living in the city and students living in nearby areas and villages. The school is quite focused on languages, on developing social skills, on reinforcing the scientific subjects, and on music. The international dimension is of great importance to us, this is why we have taken part in Comenius partnerships for years and we are part of the Elos schools network.

We have had several opportunities to collaborate with local institutions. Last but not least, we monitor the experience of students’ exchanges and international work through an evaluation questionnaire for teachers and students.

Team work and group work are widespread techniques in the school. Moreover, our school collaborates with the local government quite frequently in relation to school visits, to lectures and visits of special guests, launch of books.

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