Askim Videregående Skole, Askim (Norway)

Askim Videregående Skole (AVGS) is situated in Askim, a small town (15 000 inhabitants) in Østfold, southeast in Norway. The town is a service, commercial and industrial center in an agricultural area. The town is famous for its hydroelectro-power stations, 3 such are within the borders of the municipality. The river Glomma, Norway’s longest, passes through the municipality and has been the reason for this. The town has a strategic position along E-18 between Oslo and Stockholm. It takes 40 minutes to come to Sweden, 40 minutes to the coast-line and 50 minutes to Oslo. Askim Videregående Skole is also the school for the neighboring municipalities, pupils come to the school with buses from the district around.

Askim Videregående Skole is a combined school with both theoretical and vocational programs. The school has 150 teachers and approximately 900 students in the following programs:
• General Academic Studies
• ICT Specialists
• Music, Dance & Dramatics
• Health and Social Care
• Technical and Industrial Production
• Electric Trades
• Service, Commerce & Logistics
• Buildings & Constructions

Besides this the school offers introduction courses for immigrants and adult education. In connection with the school’s international work some of the theoretical classes (General Academic Studies) are international, they work and cooperate with some of our partner schools and participate in exchanges. The school is well equipped with computers, within 2009 every pupil will have his or her own laptop.

The school is a member of Elos-Norway. The school participated in  several Comenius-programs with other schools in Europe. In this connection there is a multilateral cooperation with exchanges with several partner schools. Each year there is an international week at Askim Videregående Skole where our students and teachers have visits from partner schools. Our partner schools in this program are situated in:

• Steenwijk, The Netherlands
• Murcia, Spain
• Padova, Italy
• Ptuj, Slovenia
• Rostock Germany
• St. Quentin, France
• Kinna, Sweden 

Askim Videregående Skole has also bilateral exchanges with a school in Swindon, UK (yearly), Kronshagen – Germany (yearly). The school also offers study trips for all English students (final year) to London and Southern England.

As a member of Elos the school works hard to have a European profile. Every year the students of the international classes have to write essays about European issues. Europe is also put into the curriculum in other ways. 

Askim Videregående Skole is also working hard with Young Enterprise. Every year the school has a lot of business firms. Several years we have got prizes in the championship of the county. Twice our school has won the Norwegian championship. We try to work professionally with this and Young Enterprise is a part of the curriculum and a method of teaching in several subjects.

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