Students Together

This website invites you to go to different European cities and do some city walks and biking tours in or around cities like Askim (Norway), Padova (Italy), Murcia (Spain) Steenwijk (The Netherlands), Ptuj, (Slovenia), St. Quentin (France), Rostock (Germany and Kinna (Sweden) produced by international, teams of students.

Citywalks and biking tours

Here you can find the city walks and biking tours. When you visit these cities experience how students want to promote their city or municipality.

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Work in Progress

This page (password protected) shows how students worked all over Europe to produce their citywalks and biking tours.

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This page (password protected) offers learning material for schools who are interested to do this project for their students. You can contact the overall international coordinator for this project.

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Participating Schools

Here you can find which schools have participated in this project. They present themselves to you and provide you with a link to their school website.

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Highlight Your Surroundings

This page informs you about the project, the aims and the goals. It gives you a brief description of the project.

About project